Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stuff I Did

I have gotten a couple of emails recently asking why I have not been updating my blog lately. I realize not everyone is friends with me on Facebook, or following me on Twitter. Therefore a lot of people may not know that I have been publishing like crazy, on other websites. So technically I have been updating, just not right here.

Here is some stuff I have written that you may not have known about:

Gossipy Smut… because I like it sometimes.

Three amazing recipes:

The Fertility Series:

I praise this book every time I get a chance….

Gardeners Beware: Read this before even thinking of getting a plant!   

Do you have multiple children? Are you planning on having more than one? Read this.  

Baby Food Making 101 for the gourmet mommy

Complicated Thanksgiving (even though that was a month ago and everyone has forgotten about it already)

Black Friday Dilemma. Yeah, I know, that passed too.

I was totally going to write an awesome article

I hope you all enjoyed!

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